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In June 2023, the University of Turku released the first episodes of the Hopeful Globe podcast, which shares inspiring stories from projects that have received Global Pilot funding from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The series, focused on the topic of higher education collaboration and the sustainability-driven initiatives that bloom therefrom, piloted with two episodes hosted by GINTL research assistant Luna Erica. Both episodes feature a speaker from a project that was allocated funding by GINTL.

The complete Hopeful Globe podcast series is available and updated on the corresponding Soundcloud link managed by the University of Turku. At the time of writing, the series is comprised of a total six episodes on sustainability-focused projects with Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture funding. Senior researcher Pilvi Posio of the UTU Centre for East Asian Studies coordinates and updates the series.

“Practising interculturality ‘otherwise’”

Hopeful Globe episode “Practising interculturality ‘otherwise’”, with Jun Peng, hosted by Luna Erica

The first GINTL-hosted episode of the Hopeful Globe podcast, titled “Practising interculturality ‘otherwise’”, is an interview with doctoral researcher Jun Peng. The episode is a discussion on potential definitions of interculturality (and why the concept is, in fact, impossible to define), and an of the more technical workings of this project as a Global Network pilot.

Together with Fred Dervin, Jun is working on a GINTL-funded initiative that aims to rethink interculturality and practices thereof. The project, titled “Practising interculturality ‘otherwise’”, is an ongoing effort to increase understanding of interculturality, both in education and more generally.

“Developing New Teaching and Learning Methods in India”

Hopeful Globe episode “Developing New Teaching and Learning Methods in India”, with Mirjami Jeskanen and Deepti Bora, hosted by Luna Erica

Mirjami Jeskanen, education expert and main coordinator of the faculty of education for a GINTL-funded project titled “Developing New Teaching and Learning Methods in India”, joins Deepti Bora and Luna Erica for the second GINTL-hosted episode of the Hopeful Globe podcast.

This second episode introduces the listener to the Tata Steel Foundation and the way it has started to educate out-of-school children, as well as to other groups collaborating in this project, such as Aspire and the ViLLE learning platform. Most of all, the episode discusses change – how it has been made in the past, how it should be made in the future, and the ways it is being made right now.

For more information about the Hopeful Globe podcast series or about the projects themselves, please find more information about the contributors either on the Hopeful Globe Soundcloud page or in the ‘Author’ section below.


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