Lessons Learnt

In 2024, the Global Innovation Network for Teaching and Learning (GINTL) will be identifying and sharing a set of “lessons learnt” from GINTL funding. Materials related to the process will be published on this page.

All interested stakeholders are invited to participate the process at any point. Please join any of the events of your choosing – no need to have participated any of the previous events!

On this page

Upcoming events

GINTL Dialogue at University of Helsinki and online

  • Learning Café and Future Visioning Session to discuss the “lesson drafts” with GINTL participants and stakeholders
  • Time: 12:00-16:00
  • Location: Online and at the University of Helsinki

More information on GINTL Dialogue: Reflect, Vision, Share.

Past events

Thematic workshop 2 in Jyväskylä and online

  • In this workshop we had thematic discussions aiming to narrow down the four themes agreed on in the kick-off meeting and discussed in Workshop 1.  
  • For discussion summaries, kindly refer to the Lessons Learnt Padlet.

Thematic workshop 1 in Helsinki and online

  • In this workshop we had broad brainstorming-type discussions on the four themes agreed on in the kick-off meeting.  
  • For discussion summaries, kindly refer to the Lessons Learnt Padlet.

Kick-off online meeting

In this meeting the survey results and next steps in the process were presented. See Powerpoint-slides from the meeting in the link below.

Lessons learnt survey (November 2023–January 2024)

A survey was developed and shared among the GINTL partners and stakehodlers to identify and “package” key realisations from GINTL funding.

General background: What are the GINTL lessons learnt?

What are GINTL lessons learnt?

GINTL lessons learnt answer the question: What are some of the key things we have learnt from GINTL-funded activities that we would like to reflect on and share to inform future work?

What does a GINTL lesson learnt look like?

We are not sure, but we assume a typical lesson learnt might be a short text, which summarises the understanding gained on the specific theme. 

What are the lessons learnt not?

They are not an assessment to judge the success of GINTL or individual activities pertaining to it. Neither do they tell what works in education development and what does not.

What is the purpose of the lessons learnt?

The process builds understanding between stakeholders and informs future work.

Who will be involved in developing the lessons?

The process is open to anyone interested. In particular, we encourage participation by those who have been involved in GINTL-funded activities – researchers, teachers, students, support service staff, etc., from the participating higher education institutions in Finland and their partners in India, China and the African continent.

Who is the target audience for the finalised lessons?

In Finland, target audiences include:

  • those taking decisions on funding priorities
  •  officials developing funding modalities
  • higher education institutions making decisions on the same according to the autonomy granted to them
  • researchers and administrative staff developing and implementing collaborations
  • their stakeholders who might want to collaborate with HEIs and their partners from the Global South.

In partner countries, similar stakeholder groups will be identified, guided by responses from partner institutions. 

Process, timeline, and key outputs

What is the process through which the lessons learnt are developed?

Online questionnaire to provide a channel for a wide range of stakeholders to give their inputs in the process (submission deadline 12.1.2024.)

  • Kick-off online meeting (24.1.2024). See slides from the meeting.
  • Thematic workshop in Helsinki and online (14.2.2024)
  • Thematic workshop in Jyväskylä and online (14.3.2024)
  • Work in small thematic groups to further investigate and draft selected lessons
  • A sharing and validation forum with stakeholders in Helsinki (17.6.2024)
  • Finalisation of the drafts (August 2024)
  • Communication of the lessons learnt to stakeholders (Autumn 2024)

Research on the lessons learnt process

Members of our network

We are a network of dedicated scholars and practitioners, who work jointly with our partners to co-create research-based solutions for local needs.

Together, we can spark cycles of learning for better education. 

Project coordinators

GINTL Finnish higher education institutions