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About GINTL China

GINTL China aims to strengthen the existing Sino-Finnish ‘Joint Learning Innovation Institute’ (JoLII) partnership with Beijing Normal University, initiated in 2016, and initiate new collaboration with higher education institutions in China. We build upon the expertise of our 14 Finnish higher education institutions and Chinese partner institutions to benefit the network and look for new and innovative initiatives.  

We welcome and support Finnish and Chinese higher education institutions to participate in GINTL China activities in the areas of teaching, learning and teacher education. We also serve as a platform for other organisations and individuals who are interested in research-based collaborations in the GINTL focus areas. 

GINTL China Coordination Team

Sai Väyrynen

Academic director


Jenny Shuanghong Niu

Postdoctoral Researcher


Nico Stockmann

Research Assistant


Olli-Pekka Malinen

Regional Expert (China)


Maaria Manyando

Project Coordinator



Sino-Finnish JoLii Global conference 2022: ‘Future perspectives of teacher development’

ChinaOpen for all

Main topics: Conference, JoLii

The Sino-Finnish JoLii Global conference 2022 is planned to be held on 28–29 November 2022. The host university is South-West University in China. Please find the call for abstracts proposal from attached file. The conference will focus on future perspectives of teacher development. The topics include new pedagogic approaches on teacher development in the digital world, teacher development, and learning community.

GINTL Early Childhood Teacher Education Conference 2022: ‘Trends and perspectives in early childhood teacher education’

China, GlobalOpen for all

Main topics: Conference, Teacher Education

The conference focuses on early childhood teacher education and especially the development of teaching practice. It will feature informative research-based presentations by skilled educational researchers and international scholars. Among the keynote speakers are Professor Xiumin Hong from Beijing Normal University, Professor Ruben Fukkink from Amsterdam University. The call for papers is open from the 15 June to the 15 September, 2022.

Webinar – Education and Sustainable Development Goals: Policies in China and Finland 


Main topic: Webinar series “Dialogues on education and society”

Welcome to the seventh event of the webinar series “Dialogues on education and society”, co-organised by the Global Innovation Network of Teaching and Learning (GINTL) and the Sino-Finnish Education Research Centre (SFERC) of Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute (JoLii).

Webinar: Work life relevance of secondary vocational education in China and Finland

ChinaOpen for all

Main topics: Vocational training, Webinar series “Dialogues on education and society”

Welcome to the fifth event of the webinar series “Dialogues on education and society”, co-organised by the Global Innovation Network of Teaching and Learning (GINTL) and the Sino-Finnish Education Research Centre (SFERC) of Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute (JoLii).

Collaboration in the region

Lecture series: ‘Competence-based teacher education in Finland’

Teacher Training

The lecture series is organised by the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Helsinki, the Faculty of Education of Northeast Normal University in China, and co-organised with Pedagogy Finland ry. The event aims to provide a communication channel for teachers and students on how to develop teacher competence to face challenges in teaching. Five excellent speakers, working in Finland, have been invited to the events, and the events attracted over 940 participants from 35 institutions in China and Finland. It has broadened their knowledge, understanding, and vision on teacher education.

Quality assurance in joint degree programmes between Finland and China

Quality Assessment Framework, Research

The project involves: 1) Developing a database of Sino-Finnish joint degree provision programmes, 2) Organising a conference on quality assurance in Sino-Finnish joint degree provision, 3) Publishing the quality assurance guidelines for Sino-Finnish degree provision, potentially in collaboration with the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) and the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (Karvi). The aim of the project is furhtermore to pilot the Sino-Finnish joint degree provision guidelines in collaboration with TAMK and its partner, Chinese Regional University and in an ongoing dual degree programme initiative between Tampere University and Tongji University.

Bilingual book series: Chinese & Finnish education in global societal transformation


Tampere University’s Sino-Finnish Education Research Centre (SFERC) will publish a bilingual publication on ‘Chinese & Finnish Education in Global Societal Transformation’. Researchers in both the GINTL and JoLII networks will be invited to contribute to the book chapters.

Designing a joint master’s degree programme

Curriculum Development, Intervention, Mobility, Research, Shared Teaching

Global education activity. Developing an master’s degree programme tailored for the Chinese customer’s needs, for example existing ELEIC (Early language education for intercultural communication) master’s degree which is offered by the Philosophical Faculty at the University of Eastern Finland, could be used as a frame or a starting point for the new programme.


Decisions on new GINTL funding applications at the University of Helsinki have been made

Africa, China, India, Global


The decisions on applications for Global Innovation Network for Teaching and Learning (GINTL) collaboration funding in Africa, China and India for the application round in spring/summer 2022 at the University of Helsinki have been made. This included the finding calls for 1) GINTL seed funding 2022-2023, and 2) GINTL project funding 2022-2024.

Nordic Centre funding for academic events

Africa, China, India, Global


The Nordic Centre offers support (€ 2,000-7,000) for organising joint events. The events can be organised in an online or hybrid form. This funding can be a great additional resource for GINTL’s seed and project funding projects that plan to organise events as part of their initiative. Find out more on the Nordic Centre’s website.

Nordic Centre seed funding for new initiatives between Nordic and Chinese institutions



The Nordic Centre currently has open Seed Funding call for new initiatives between Nordic and Chinese institutions. Among Finnish GINTL HEIs this funding would be available for the Universities of Eastern Finland, Lapland, Helsinki, Tampere, and Turku, which are Nordic Centre members. Application period: 15.3.-1.10.2022.

Call for papers: GINTL symposium at FERA conference (closed)

Africa, China, India, Global


GINTL is hosting a symposium on ‘Global partnerships in education development’ at this year’s FERA conference at the University of Oulu on 24.-25.11. Please submit your abstracts for the symposium by 30.9.2022.


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