Building Indo-Finnish collaboration in education development 

About GINTL India

GINTL India strives on building a diverse palette of activities around educational themes that are identified in collaboration with Indian partners. GINTL India aims at developing partnerships with different types of actors such as higher education institutions, state government entities and non-profit organisations.

Currently, the GINTL India comprises 10 Finnish higher education institutions as interested participants. In the year 2021 and in the first half of 2022, the emphasis is on identifying partners in India and Finland as well as areas of collaboration and joint interest. These will be further negotiated and implemented at practical level in 2022–24. 
GINTL India network warmly welcomes new partners. While some activities may be open especially for staff and students in Indian and Finnish higher education institutions, we also serve as a platform for inviting organisations and individuals who are interested in research-based Indo-Finnish collaborations in the GINTL focus areas. 

Focus areas

  • Early childhood care and education
  • Educational leadership
  • Educational technology
  • Inclusive education
  • Integrated and phenomena-based learning
  • Integrating climate change awareness in education
  • Quality assessment framework
  • Quality teacher training
  • Vocational education and training  

GINTL India Coordination Team

Contact the coordination: gintlindia[at]

Veera Virmasalo

Project Manager


Apoorwa Hooda

University Teacher


Deepti Bora

Project Coordinator[at]

Pia Krimark

Project Manager


Tea Kangasvieri

Network Coordinator



Story-telling as a pedagogy for foundational stage

IndiaOpen for all

Main topic: Indo-Finnish Collaboration

The department of Elementary Education at the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is holding a series of webinars on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) under the MoU between NCERT and National Agency of Education (EDUFI) and GINTL, Finland.

NCI & GINTL present a Two Day Networking Seminar: “Building Indo-Finnish Partnerships in Education Research”

IndiaRegistration required

Main topic: Conferences and workshops

GINTL India & Nordic Centre in India will be organising a seminar on 'Building Indo-Finnish Partnerships in Education Research' on the 31st of October and the 1st of November in New Delhi. The aim of the seminar is to build relationships in research and higher education between GINTL member universities and Indian institutions in the area of education, teacher education, inclusive education, problem based learning, ECEC, etc. The speakers will include eminent researchers in the area of education from Finland and India. The two day event will furthermore give participants a chance to network with the universities these speakers represent.

GINTL India Masterclass: Learning to navigate the landscape of publishing

IndiaRegistration required

Main topic: Conferences and workshops

This masterclass provides guidance to those who are new to the world of publishing and want to gain a better grasp of its intricacies and navigate them successfully. We will explore a range of fundamental and practical topics along with issues related to linguistic, social, and epistemic equity and the ethical side of publishing. At its core, its objective is to promote critical awareness and agency, crucial for making decisions that more closely resonate with the participants’ personal values, interests, and goals.

GINTL Coffee Chat with the University of Lapland: Experiences from Global Media Education through Development of Online Teaching 

Africa, China, India, GlobalOpen for all, Registration required

Main topics: GINTL Coffee Chats, GINTL Network, Sustainable Partnerships, Teacher Education

The third GINTL Coffee Chat of year 2023 will be held on Tuesday 3.10.2023, 9:00-10:00 (EEST) and is co-sponsored by the University of Lapland. Guest Speaker Dr. Satu-Maarit Korte will share her experience on the UNESCO/UNITWIN network which concentrates on teacher education for social justice and diversity.


Early childhood education pilot in Chhattisgarh (India)

Curriculum Development, Early Childhood Education, Inclusive Education, Intervention, Teacher Training

The program aims to build a foundation for formal learning towards early childhood education and school readiness through enhancing teacher and parent capacity, engaging with relevant public administration and conducting research and evaluation for better impact.

Promoting Indo-Finnish collaboration in teaching & learning – A webinar series for academia & practitioners

Teacher Education

The purpose of the events is to facilitate and support collaboration among Indian and Finnish researchers and practitioners in the field of education & education science.

GINTL research review and workshops: Formation of interdisciplinary collectives

Decenter Global Knowledge Production, Promoting Transnational Interdisciplinary Education & Research Activities, Research & Intervention

Report on potential areas for multidisciplinary cooperation in transnational education and research (Asia and Africa focus); Workshops on decentralising global knowledge production and promote non-Western knowledge; Research seminar for recent studies on India (education, politics, cultures and social studies).

Inclusive language learning

Inclusive Education, Research

Network building and negotiations for arranging pilots in India.


Student reflections on training placement in Kolkata: Intercultural learning experiences and kindness of staff members


Published Siiri Salminen, Ella Markkola, Selina Keränen

In this short report, students from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, will share experiences from the Heritage School, from July-August 2023. There were altogether four students at the practice placement, and this report is composed by three, Siiri, Ella and Selina, who spent their time with the smaller children, in Ankur and Ankuran. We will look back on all the experiences we had throughout our interesting time at the Heritage school.

NCERT and GINTL India present: Webinar Series on early childhood education and care



Department of Elementary Education at the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is holding a series of webinars on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) under the MoU between NCERT and National Agency of Education (EDUFI) and GINTL, Finland.

Student reflections on training placement in Kolkata: Letters from India


Published Jimi Rytkönen

GINTL India and Nordic Centre in India piloted a training placement for JYU teacher students in summer 2023. In this blog one of the student Jimi Rytkönen tells about his time in India. Jimi shares in his blog observations and reflections on teaching in a different cultural and educational setting. Language of the blog is Finnish.

UniPID publication: Ethical guidelines for responsible academic partnerships with the Global South

Africa, China, India, Global

Published Finnish University Partnership for International Development (UniPID)

UniPID, in collaboration with TENK and an international steering group, has published the Ethical Guidelines for Responsible Academic Partnerships with the Global South. Since 2021, the Finnish University Partnership for International Development (UniPID), the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity (TENK), and an international steering group have been developing Ethical Guidelines for Responsible Academic Partnerships with the Global South. Now, it is time to share it with you!

Members of our network

We are a network of dedicated scholars and practitioners, who work jointly with our partners to co-create research-based solutions for local needs.

Together, we can spark cycles of learning for better education. 

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