Building Indo-Finnish collaboration in education development 

About GINTL India

GINTL India strives on building a diverse palette of activities around educational themes that are identified in collaboration with Indian partners. GINTL India aims at developing partnerships with different types of actors such as higher education institutions, state government entities and non-profit organisations.

Currently, the GINTL India comprises 10 Finnish higher education institutions as interested participants. In the year 2021 and in the first half of 2022, the emphasis is on identifying partners in India and Finland as well as areas of collaboration and joint interest. These will be further negotiated and implemented at practical level in 2022–24. 
GINTL India network warmly welcomes new partners. While some activities may be open especially for staff and students in Indian and Finnish higher education institutions, we also serve as a platform for inviting organisations and individuals who are interested in research-based Indo-Finnish collaborations in the GINTL focus areas. 

Focus areas

  • Early childhood care and education
  • Educational leadership
  • Educational technology
  • Inclusive education
  • Integrated and phenomena-based learning
  • Integrating climate change awareness in education
  • Quality assessment framework
  • Quality teacher training
  • Vocational education and training  

GINTL India Coordination Team

Contact the coordination: gintlindia[at]

Veera Virmasalo

Project Manager


Apoorwa Hooda

University Teacher


Deepti Bora

Project Coordinator[at]

Pia Krimark

Project Manager


Tea Kangasvieri

Network Coordinator



GINTL Coffee Chat with the University of the Arts Helsinki: Impact of GINTL research projects on teaching and learning

Africa, China, India, Global

Main topics: Coffee Chat, GINTL Network

Welcome to the January 2023 GINTL Coffee Chat with guest speakers Heli Kauppila and Marika Orenius from the University of the Arts Helsinki. The session will focus on the on the topic of the transfer of (GINTL) research project knowledge and learnings into teaching, learning, and university development. Join us for an online conversation and opportunities to share about your current work.

GINTL India & NCI Winter School 2022: Strengthening children’s and teachers’ social and emotional skills

IndiaOpen for all

Main topic: Indo-Finnish Collaboration

GINTL India & Nordic Centre in India organise a week long (2 hours a day) Winter School on 28 November – 2 December that provides insights on children's and teachers' social and emotional skills. During the week Finnish and Indian experts share about their research and experiences to Finnish and Indian upcoming teachers and in-service teachers. Winter school is open for all master's level students, degree and non-degree, who are interested in social and emotional skills in the educational context. Winter school is organised completely online and participants can choose to join the programme each day or pick the most interesting sessions. 

Contemporary Research on Digital Education in Finland and India

IndiaOpen for all

Main topic: Indo-Finnish Collaboration

This online event is part of the GINTL India and Nordic Centre in India (NCI) “Promoting Indo-Finnish collaboration in teaching and learning – a webinar series for academia and practitioners”. In the webinar academics from Finnish and Indian higher education institutions highlight their best practices in educational technology.

Seminar: Transnationalism and societal transformation in India

India, GlobalOpen for all

The “Transnationalism and societal transformation in India” seminar will be organised by TRANSIT (University of Tampere) on Friday, 14 October 2022 for researchers interested in transnational and societal transformative processes in India and the Global South. Registration for the seminar is now open.


Early childhood education pilot in Chhattisgarh (India)

Curriculum Development, Early Childhood Education, Inclusive Education, Intervention, Teacher Training

The program aims to build a foundation for formal learning towards early childhood education and school readiness through enhancing teacher and parent capacity, engaging with relevant public administration and conducting research and evaluation for better impact.

Promoting Indo-Finnish collaboration in teaching & learning – A webinar series for academia & practitioners

Teacher Education

The purpose of the events is to facilitate and support collaboration among Indian and Finnish researchers and practitioners in the field of education & education science.

GINTL research review and workshops: Formation of interdisciplinary collectives

Decenter Global Knowledge Production, Promoting Transnational Interdisciplinary Education & Research Activities, Research & Intervention

Report on potential areas for multidisciplinary cooperation in transnational education and research (Asia and Africa focus); Workshops on decentralising global knowledge production and promote non-Western knowledge; Research seminar for recent studies on India (education, politics, cultures and social studies).

Inclusive language learning

Inclusive Education, Research

Network building and negotiations for arranging pilots in India.


Two joint collaborations between Finnish HEIs and Indian government partners underway



The GINTL India coordination is currently managing two collaborations with Indian state bodies, where several GINTL member HEIs from Finland are involved. One collaboration is with NCERT (“the EDUFI of India”) and another with the Kerala State Education Department. These collaborations are excellent platforms for colleagues from India and Finland to get acquainted with each other and current work in the education sector of the two countries. We warmly welcome more interested staff members working in one of the GINTL India member HEIs in Finland to participate in these collaborations.

University of Turku collaboration on education and teaching in the Global South

Africa, India


Two seed-funded projects focusing on education and teaching facilitate cooperation with partners in Africa and India. Research on learning and education is recognised as one of the top priorities at the University of Turku. Through collaborative global cooperation projects in educational research, teacher training, and educational innovation, the University is committed to sharing and expanding its expertise in the field of education.

Five takeaways about global education: Key-learnings from attending the SDG-4 Seminar Jyväskylä in 2022

Africa, China, India, Global

Published Jorina Sendel

How do you feel reading the news, nowadays? Do you sometimes also feel like a catastrophe is following the others? Have you ever thought about the influences of these catastrophes on global education? We live in a time of crisis. This has an impact not only on our personal lives, but also on education systems around the world. Catastrophes like the COVID-19 crisis, wars, and natural catastrophes are affecting formal education.

Finnish Asia Network publication: “Finnish online education cooperation with Asian higher education institutions: recommendations for future projects”

China, India

Published Ville Sava

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to rearrange educational programmes in unexpected ways. In order to gauge how Finnish education cooperation projects with Asian partner institutions have met the challenges and identified good practices, a survey was conducted by the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies as part of the Digitree project funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education. This report summarises management and cooperation practices that have worked well, as well as issues that could be improved upon for the benefit of future projects.

Members of our network

We are a network of dedicated scholars and practitioners, who work jointly with our partners to co-create research-based solutions for local needs.

Together, we can spark cycles of learning for better education. 

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