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About GINTL Africa

GINTL Africa builds upon existing partnerships and successes of collaboration with higher education institutions in African countries. We tap into the institutional expertise and experience of our 20 Finnish higher education institutions and African partner institutions for the benefit of the network and simultaneously look for new and innovative ways of working.  

We welcome and support different actors to participate in joint activities in areas of teaching, research and societal impact in higher education institutions. While some activities may be open, especially for staff and students in African and Finnish higher education institutions, we also serve as a platform for inviting organisations and individuals who are interested in research-based collaborations in the GINTL focus areas.

 The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture’s Global programme includes several networks active in Africa. To find out more about our sister networks, visit: FAPISAFINET  and EDUCase.

GINTL Africa Coordination

Sai Väyrynen

Academic director


Elizabeth Eta

Postdoctoral Researcher


Spyridoula Fotinis

Research Assistant


Hanna Posti-Ahokas

Regional Expert (Africa)


Maaria Manyando

Project Coordinator


Nico Stockmann

Research Assistant


GINTL Early Childhood Teacher Education Conference 2022: ‘Trends and perspectives in early childhood teacher education’

China, GlobalOpen for all

GINTL | University of Turku | OHOSKE network

Main topics: Conference, Teacher Education

The conference focuses on early childhood teacher education and especially the development of teaching practice. It will feature informative research-based presentations by skilled educational researchers and international scholars. Among the keynote speakers are Professor Xiumin Hong from Beijing Normal University, Professor Ruben Fukkink from Amsterdam University. The call for papers is open from the 15 June to the 15 September, 2022.

Africa Day celebration at the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Educational Sciences 

AfricaOpen for all

Main topics: Research Ethics, Sustainable Partnerships

You are warmly welcome to join us in exploring possibilities around Africa-related themes and activities in the field of educational sciences. The Faculty of Educational Sciences invites you on the 25 May 2022, 9:00–12:00, to participate in a morning of sharing and learning and a cup of coffee or tea with some small treats!

UniPID-GINTL Stakeholder Dialogue Event 2022

GlobalOpen for all


UniPID and GINTL Africa Network cordially invite you to a workshop on Partnership dialogues: Identifying elements for good partnerships! This online event invites everyone to share their critical reflections on global collaboration and to discuss elements of good partnerships. Register by 16 May 2022.

Education for Emergencies – Round Table

GlobalOpen for all

Welcome to discuss the role of education in responding to different emergencies in the world and how inequalities can be addressed in everyday practices and through pedagogical leadership 12 and 13 May, 10:00–12:30.

Collaboration in the region

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Curriculum convertibility for remote learning in Ghana

Curriculum Development, Mobility, Research, Teacher Training

University of Helsinki (Finland, coordinating) | University of Cape Coast, Department of Vocational and Technical Education (Ghana)

The research focuses on home economics education at the upper secondary school level, specifically how the curriculum can be converted to remote and online training situations, where face-to-face learning is not possible and/or the internet connection is not reliable. A document analysis of the subject matter and teaching strategies was carried out to identify aspects that need conversion, can be delivered remotely and need to be substituted. Primary data was collected through focus group discussions involving teachers and students. Findings will be included into the current curriculum.

Making of a proposal to NRF: ‘Learning to design – designing to learn’

Curriculum Development, Educational Technology, Research, Teacher Education

University of Helsinki (Finland, coordinator) | University of Turku (Finland) | University of Johannesburg (South Africa)

The Learning to Design – Designing to Learn project is a research collaboration between the universities of Helsinki and Johannesburg. It aims to develop and research: Firstly, science- technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM teaching and learning and secondly, learning through the design of digital artefacts, such as robots in the contexts of the South African early- and middle grades primary school curricula in low-income areas of South-Africa. The project is interested in pupils’ learning of creative, critical and computational thinking skills.

Co-designing relevant and responsive teacher education

Education in Indigenous Contexts, Intervention, Mobility, Research, School Based Studies & Supervision, Shared Teaching, Teacher Education

University of Oulu, University of Namibia

To strengthen teacher education (early childhood and primary education) through joint research focused on school-based studies and supervision as well as education in diverse contexts. To enhance capacity of teacher educators through joint development of online/blended courses and co-supervision of postgraduate students.

GINTL research review and workshops: Formation of interdisciplinary collectives

Decenter Global Knowledge Production, Promoting Transnational Interdisciplinary Education & Research Activities, Research & Intervention

University of Jyväskylä (national coordinator), University of Tampere (Faculty of Management & Business, Faculty of Education & Culture, Research Centre on Transnationalism and Transformation)

Report on potential areas for multidisciplinary cooperation in transnational education and research (Asia and Africa focus); Workshops on decentralising global knowledge production and promote non-Western knowledge; Research seminar for recent studies on India (education, politics, cultures and social studies).

University of Jyväskylä Internal Call 2022 for GINTL funding now openFeatured

Africa, China, Global, India

Published GINTL

Applications are welcome from JYU staff at the Faculty of Education and Psychology as well as from doctoral researchers and postdoctoral researchers affiliated with the faculty, in collaboration with permanent academic staff of the faculty. The deadline for applications is 12 September 2022.

Call for papers: GINTL Early Childhood Teacher Education Conference 2022

China, Global

Published GINTL | University of Turku | OHOSKE network

The GINTL Early Childhood Teacher Education Conference 2022 will be held online on 15 November 2022 with the topic ‘Trends and perspectives in early childhood teacher education’. The call for papers is open between 15 June and 15 September, 2022.

Africa Day 2022: Reflections on diverse forms of Africa collaborations at the University of Helsinki 


Published Hanna Posti-Ahokas, Elizabeth Eta (GINTL Africa Coordination Team)

In the Faculty of Educational Sciences, international Africa Day was an opportunity to showcase and reflect on diverse past and ongoing Africa collaborations and to encourage more students and faculty to engage with Africa. This article contains topics related to research projects, mobility opportunities to and from Africa and Finland, strategic and sustainable partnerships, teaching programmes and developmental projects. The topics discussed indicated that Africa related research and activities are embedded within the faculty’s core activities, however, with room for improvement in terms of the institutionalisation of partnerships and enhancing inbound mobility.

Engagement with Africa: Opportunities for students


Published GINTL

This article highlights several opportunites for students to engage with Africa-related topics through courses in development and education development in Africa at the University of Helsinki, the UniPID course “Global Education Development” (organised by the University of Oulu) and mobility options at the University of Helsinki to spend a semester abroad.

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