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During November, UniArts GINTL joined seminars in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, fostering discussions on artistic thinking and pedagogy. Collaborating with local partners like Nafasi Art Space, Alama Art and Media Production, and the University of Dar es Salaam, the seminars delved into various paths to becoming an artist and envisioned potential futures through arts education. The sessions also explored ethical dimensions of arts pedagogy. Captured by Tanzanian filmmakers, these collaborations aim to develop a digital platform in 2024, sustaining these connections and documenting the journey.

This November, the UniArts GINTL team visited Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and organised two seminar days together with local partners. Along with these, the team continued meeting with new potential collaborators including a visit to Cultural Arts Centre Zanzibar.

The first seminar was held on 3 November at the Nafasi Art Space in collaboration with creative director Paul Ndunguru from the Alama Art and Media Production. The seminar day centred around the themes of artistic thinking and practice in relation to knowledge formation. Discussions delved into various ways of becoming an artist, and explored potential futures that arts pedagogy could foster. The workshop concluded with a collaborative large-scale painting serving as a shared reflection of the day.

Image: Activities at Nafasi Art Space, 3.11.2023 (Credit: Kenneth Siren)

The second seminar day took place at the University of Dar es Salaam and their Creative Arts Department on the 6 November. The UniArts GINTL team presented the university pedagogical studies in the arts organised at the University of the Arts Helsinki, along with other pedagogical studies available for the bachelor’s and master’s students.

The arts teachers from the University of Dar es Salaam shared their views and experiences regarding their education. As a demonstration of the contents of the university pedagogical studies, artists and teachers Marika Orenius, Kenneth Siren and Tarja Pitkänen-Walter facilitated three discussion tables. The session touched upon the ethical dimensions of arts pedagogy, with academic and artistic activities ranging from sketching portraits to help localise values, considering the micro-ethics by using plant-based materials, and discussing a theory of situational ethical behaviour.

Image: Activities at University of Dar es Salaam, Creative Arts department, 6.11.2023 (Credits: Kenneth Siren)

The collaborative activities were documented by a Tanzanian film crew. In 2024, these materials will be utilised to shape a digital platform that will continue cultivating the collaborations and connections created so far.

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