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Learning to design – Designing to learn (LDDL)

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The “Learning to design – Designing to learn” (LDDL) project is a research collaboration between the University of Helsinki and the University of Johannesburg and aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education as well as to promote continuous learning opportunities for all. We will conduct research on pupils learning in post 4IR era through the design of digital artifacts, such as Lego-robots, videoclips, and reports in the context of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teaching and learning. The proposed project will support researchers and teachers in research-practice partnership (RPP) design STEM project-based learning (PBL) modules, which engage primary pupils in designing digital artifacts in order to research pupils’ design processes and their learning of transversal and sustainability competences, especially creative, critical and computational thinking skills in low-income areas of South Africa and in Finland. RPP will support researchers and teachers learning and the adoption of the designed innovative teaching modules. This project received funding under the Spring 2022 GINTL Project Funding from the University of Helsinki.

Joint Phenomenon-Based Curriculum Development in Educational Technologies

Educational Technology, R&D Activities in Teaching

The joint activities target towards preparing the students for their local work life, academic careers and international work. Along with their academic studies in IT and pedagogy, the students need to grow towards innovative, inventive and imaginative actors focusing on future. That means to be creative, critical, collaborative and communicative. The joint workshop-based approach focuses on interdisciplinarity and international interaction as well as co-development in educational technologies.

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