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Foundational literacy development using GraphoLearn and GraphoLearn-aligned phonics instruction: randomised control trial in India

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The aim of this research-based intervention is two-fold. First, to examine effective ways of building foundational English reading skills in multi-lingual learners by integrating computer-assisted learning and teacher instruction. Second, to examine role of existing literacy skill level in supporting literacy acquisition and cross-language relations between students’ Hindi and English literacy. Started in 2022, a randomised control trial (RCT) was first conducted in collaboration with the Department of Education (DoE), Delhi. GraphoLearn-aligned phonics instruction was collaboratively developed with the teachers in India and implemented along with GraphoLearn Rime, a research- and evidence-based computer-assisted reading tool in primary-level classrooms in India. Findings from this intervention can be accessed at In the next phase of the study (2024-2025), another RCT will be conducted in collaboration with the DoE and University of Delhi. The results will be published in 2026-27. For more information, contact bdeepti [at]

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