Preparing an agenda for education research in Kerala

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This collaboration is based on University of Jyväskylä (JYU) having been invited, in 2023, to participate in a consortium initiated by three Indian organisations working in Kerala. The aim of the consortium is to develop an agenda for education research in Kerala, and to initiate some of the formative research on the agenda. The participation of JYU researchers is three-pronged. 1) Two JYU researchers are supporting the consortium in designing a quantitative study. 2) JYU is identifying presenters to appear in a seminar series organised by the consortium (The title of the series is Perspectives for Kerala’s School Education – Shaping A Future with Social Justice. It comprises three parts, namely the future of work and the future of education; climate change and sustainability, and; language, identity and culture and the role of formal education.) 3) JYU is also funding a separate project on climate change pedagogy. For more information, contact gintlindia [at]

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