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UniPID and the Finnish higher education institutions’ global networks are hosting a training on good practices for responsible global academic partnerships during May 2022.

The registration for the workshops has been closed.

The training aims to strengthen HEI actors’ and their partners’ knowledge and understanding of the ethical issues that may arise when building partnerships between the Global North and the Global South, to help prevent risks, and to develop more reciprocal and responsible research, education, and innovation partnerships.

The principal target group of the training is the multidisciplinary academic or administrative staff involved with the GINTL network, based in Finland or in the partner countries.

The training is composed of the following five online workshops:

Workshop 1: Introduction

4 May, 2022, 13:00–15:00 (EET)

Workshop 2: Power Dynamics in Partnerships

11 May, 2022, 13–15:00 (EET)

Workshop 3: Partnership Administration and Management

11 May, 2022, 13–15:00 (EET)

Workshop 4: Research Collaboration

24 May, 2022, 09:00–11:00 (EET

Workshop 5: Field Work

1 June, 2022, 13:00–15:00 (EET

Schedule may be subject to change

The workshops are not sequential or interdependent, but it is encouraged to participate in workshops 1 and 2, if you are interested in taking part in all or any of the workshops 3, 4 and 5. You can read the descriptions of the workshops attached or here. Please note that the time zone for the workshops is EEST/UTC +3.

The training will be led by international experts of global partnerships, Dr. Samia Chasi and Eva Kagiri Kalanzi. Read more about the trainers and their approach here.

The training provides an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge on responsible global partnerships and support your skills, confidence, and advocacy. The training can also provide a good foundation for strengthening already existing partnerships. Thus, if you are interested in the training and plan to participate, we strongly encourage you to invite your global partners to join the training with you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact UniPID via email at unipid-info(@)

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