GINTL Coffee Chat with the University of Turku: “International collaboration in the post COVID-19 era – implications for future adaptation”

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Welcome to the August GINTL Coffee Chat with guest speaker Prof. Marjaana Veermans from the University of Turku on the topic of “International collaboration in the post COVID-19 era – implications for future adaptation”. Join us for an online conversation and opportunities to share about your current work.

This event took place on 30.8.2022.

More information on the GINTL Coffee Chat series is available on the GINTL website.


Marjaana Veermans

Professor, Department of Teacher Education, University of Turku

Marjaana Veermans is Professor of learning and teaching at the Department of Teacher Education of the University of Turku. Currently she also acts as Vice dean (Education) at the Faculty of Education. She has a background in educational psychology and holds a PhD in Educational Sciences from the University of Turku. Veermans’ general area of expertise is in educational psychology, and especially in learning environments. Her research covers age groups from primary education to adult education; in general focusing on learning, and in particular on motivation, interest, and teaching and learning in digital learning environments.
In the past Veermans has been a responsible investigator in EC-funded projects (CL-Net, ITCOLE – Schools of Tomorrow, WebTV and ERNIST). She is also leading Digi-ERKO, a new special national in-service teacher training programme to train expert teachers in learning and teaching in digital learning environments. Based on her long-term experience in diverse educational R&D projects, she works with close collaboration with schools and other types of educational institutions, and has large network of active teachers (and their students) to work with the topics of the project.

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