Contemporary research on digital education in Finland and India

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OrganiserGINTL | Nordic Centre in India (NCI)

TopicsIndo-Finnish Collaboration, Webinar series “Promoting Indo-Finnish collaboration in teaching and learning”

This online event is part of the GINTL India and Nordic Centre in India (NCI) “Promoting Indo-Finnish collaboration in teaching and learning – a webinar series for academia and practitioners”. In the webinar academics from Finnish and Indian higher education institutions highlight their best practices in educational technology.

Contemporary Research on Digital Education in Finland and India highlights practices and research conducted in the area of educational technology in India and Finland.

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Seminar programme


Pasi Ikonen
Member of the Executive Board, Department of Teacher Education, University of Jyväskylä

11:00 Finnish time
14:30 Indian time

Teacher educators’ and teacher students’ socio-emotional interaction in digital learning environments

Dr. Piia Näykki, Assistant professor, Department of Teacher Education, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

11:30 Finnish time
15:00 Indian time

Q&A session

11:45 Finnish time
15:15 Indian time

Features of Innovative use of Technology: Learning and evidence from government run schools in India

Dr. Amina Charania, Associate professor, Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India

12:15 Finnish time
15:45 Indian time

Q&A session


Piia Näykki

Piia Näykki (PhD) is an Assistant Professor (Tenure track) and she holds a Title of Docent for learning and interaction in digital learning environments. Her research group, Jyväskylä Unit for Learning and Digital Education is specialized on questions of technology-enhanced learning environments. Näykki has a solid background in self-regulated and collaborative learning research; the focus is on the theoretical advancement of emotion regulation in social interaction. She has specialised in utilising process-oriented video analysis methods and mixed-methods approaches.

She has published extensively (45 peer-reviewed publications) and leads research on the topic having received R&D funding. Relevant examples include ongoing project that was funded by Ministry of Education and Culture (TOVE, Teacher educators’ and teacher students’ interaction and emotional skills in digital learning environments, 2021-23) and project that is entitled as Pre-Service teachers’ beliefs of self-regulated learning and the ways of supporting SRL – Piloting simulation environment in a context of online teaching (SIMREG, 2022).

Previously, she was granted a post-doctoral project from Academy of Finland (Emotions in collaborative learning – Observing and supporting emotion regulation in teacher education context, 2018-2021). She has also acted as a post-doctoral researcher in a project funded by Academy of Finland: PREP21 – Preparing Teacher Education Students for 21st Century Learning Practices (2014-2017). Furthermore, she has experiences from PI/Co-PI and WP roles in several research and development projects (Academy of Finland, EU Horizon2020, COST, Finnish Ministry of Culture and Education).

Amina Charania

Dr. Amina Charania is an Associate Professor at Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). She led Reflective Teaching with ICT an in-service teacher professional development initiative, and is one of the founding members of Connected Learning Initiative at TISS. She founded Integrated approach to Technology in Education (ITE) in 2011, at Tata Trusts and led it for over a decade, reaching thousands of students and their teachers in the most marginalized contexts in rural India. Currently she is leading Technology field action project TELTA-21st century in government run schools in migrant habitations in Mumbai.

She led the large-scale Teacher Professional Development on Constructivist Teaching and Learning with Technology (CTLT) which was awarded UNCESO Teacher effectiveness top 10 global projects in the year 2020. She and her team has extended this initiative across 9 states and 5 different languages in India. She has also served as a member on Committee for Mentoring Mission, National Education Policy, anchored by NCTE 2021-22.

Over the years, she has published and presented her research and practice internationally, providing evidenced based advocacy of teachers’ agency and learners as producers and not merely consumers of ICT resources.

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