Webinar: Funding opportunities for collaboration with Africa 2023

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TopicsFunding opportunities

A webinar on funding opportunities is organised to share information and facilitate collaborations between academics and other actors in Finland and in Africa. The main objective of the event is to share information on Africa-focused funding mechanisms and current opportunities from a variety of sources. The target groups for this event are faculty and staff of Finnish higher education institutions (HEIs).


Aalto University

“Background: Finnish and EU policies and financing for cooperation with African higher education”
Johanna Toivonen de Gonzales (University of Turku)

Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe
Ville Myllynpää (University of Turku)

Higher Education Partnership (HEP) and Team Finland Knowledge (TFK) programmes
Anna Björnberg-Michelsson (Aalto University) on behalf of Kaija Pajala (EDUFI – Finnish National Agency for Education)

International foundations
Alec Thurnham, Maaria Manyando (University of Helsinki)

International organisations and databases
Anna Björnberg-Michelsson (Aalto University)

Brief Q&A session

Closure of the webinar

The organisers

The webinar is organised by the four Global Networks working with Africa: FAPI (Finland-Africa Platform for Innovations), SAFINET (Southern African and Finnish Higher Education Institutions’ Network for Health and Well-Being), EDUCase (Higher Education Platform for Global Sustainability), and GINTL (Global Innovation Network for Teaching and Learning).


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