Sino-Finnish Education Forum 2022 seminar on school burnout

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WhereOnline event

OrganiserSchool Burnout in Finland & China Project (University of Helsinki)

TopicsConferences and workshops, GINTL Seed Funding Projects

School burnout has become a global challenge for students, teachers, and parents. This phenomenon is particularly a concern in the contexts of Finland and China. Join the Sino-Finnish international seminar on school burnout. This online seminar will be 27 May Friday from 10:00–16:00 (EEST). The participation is free but registration is required.

Event information & registration

27 May 2022, 10:00–16:00 EEST / 15:00–21:00 Beijing time (online event)

The registration has been closed. See below for the seminar programme.

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School burnout in Finland and China project

The project aims to create an innovative solution to alleviate school burnout by bringing new technology (e.g., artificial intelligence-based assessments and interventions), and multiple disciplines and perspectives (e.g., psychology, education, AI, design science, behavioral change). Through this novel joint initiative, we can also prevent the inequality of school burnout among gender, social-economic status, and regions.

Seminar programme

Opening session

Host: Docent. Xin Tang, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki


Opening Speech for the Seminar
Prof. Jun Wang (Vice Dean of Faculty of Psychology, Beijing Normal University)

GINTL Programme of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland
Docent. Hanna Posti-Ahokas (GINTL regional expert Africa; Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki)

Opening Speech for School Burnout
Academy Prof. Katariina Salmela-Aro (University of Helsinki)

First half session: Status of school burnout

Host: Docent. Xin Tang, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki


Finnish Student Burnout
Dr. Sanna Read (London School of Economics and Political Science & University of Helsinki)


How to Buffer Teacher Burnout? Lesson Learned From Finnish in- and Pre- Service Teachers
Prof.Kirsi Pyhältö (University of Helsinki)


Chinese Student and Teacher Burnout and the Potentials of Mindset Interventions for Mental Health
Prof. Danhua Lin (Beijing Normal University)



Second half session: Possible solutions for burnout – learning from a multi-disciplinary perspective

Host: Assoc. Prof. Chunrong Liu, Vice Dean of Faculty of Psychology, Beijing Normal University


Finnish Youth Compass Intervention
Dr. Päivi Lappalainen (University of Jyväskylä)


Combating Academic Burnout: Development & Promotion of Online Digital Interventions
Prof. Yiqun Gan (Peking University)


Chinese & Finnish Students’ Burnout Research & Online Intervention Solutions
Prof. Jianzhong Hong (Central China Normal University)




School Day Well-being Model from Finland
Mika Kasanen (School day Helsinki Oy)


Digital Intervention Suggestions From a Psychological Design Perspective
Assoc. Prof. Wei Liu (Beijing Normal University)

Panel discussion


Effective Strategies and Tools to Handle Burnout
Panel discussion of all guest speakers


Closing Speech
Docent. Xin Tang, University of Helsinki

Project funding

The project is funded by the Global Innovation Network for Teaching and Learning (GINTL).

Members of our network

We are a network of dedicated scholars and practitioners, who work jointly with our partners to co-create research-based solutions for local needs.

Together, we can spark cycles of learning for better education. 

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