Worklife relevance of secondary vocational education in China and Finland

5th webinar of the series ‘Dialogues on education and society’

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OrganiserGINTL | Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute (JoLii)

TopicsVocational training, Webinar series “Dialogues on education and society”

Welcome to the fifth event of the webinar series “Dialogues on education and society”, co-organised by the Global Innovation Network of Teaching and Learning (GINTL) and the Sino-Finnish Education Research Centre (SFERC) of Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute (JoLii).

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‘Transformation of Chinese vocational education and training: From quantity expansion to quality improvement’

‘Entrepreneurial approach: A key to the working life collaboration’


  • Dr. Olli-Pekka Malinen | GINTL, University of Helsinki


Prof. Wu Xueping

Prof. Wu Xueping is a professor of education at the Zhejiang University, College of Education, P.R. China, where she has been teaching and researching since 1987. From 1990 to 1991, she was researching as visiting scholar in Sussex University, U.K. She is the deputy head of the Chinese Society of Comparative Education. She is also the member of Standing Council in Chinese Society of Vocational Education.
Her research areas cover comparative education, technical and vocational education and training as well as lifelong learning. Prof. Wu Xueping has undertaken many research projects in these fields. Her major publications include Technical and Vocational Education in China, International Research on Technical and Vocational Education; Research on Policies in Higher Vocational Education, Comparative Study of Promoting Lifelong Learning and more. She has published 126 papers in academic journals.

Sanna Nummela, MSc

Ms. Sanna Nummela, MSc (Business Economics) is currently working in EduCluster Finland as Service director within responsibility of planning and implementing teacher training and vocation education training programmes. She worked as a lecturer of business in vocational education in Finland and as a lead expert in overseas training programmes. Over her career, she has worked both in business life, field of commerce and over 15 years in teaching and learning both in vocational education and higher education levels. Her core expertise is in entrepreneurship, project management and working life collaboration. As a developer of vocational education in Finland, she was involved in various development initiatives. As a vocational teacher, she developed approaches in student learning paths, guides work-based training, and mentors competence-based learning. She worked in close co-operation with working-life and other stakeholders.

Dr. Olli-Pekka Malinen

Dr. Olli-Pekka Malinen is a university lecturer at the University of Helsinki and works in the Global Innovation Network for Teaching and Learning (GINTL) coordination team with primary focus on China partnerships. During his career, he has worked as a schoolteacher, researcher, teacher educator, international education expert, and a vice director of a multidisciplinary research institute.
His research themes include teacher efficacy, inclusive education, and evidence-based models of teacher professional development. Malinen has authored scientific and professional publications and presented in a range of conferences around the world. Having lived in four countries and collaborated with partners from five continents, Malinen interacts confidently with people from diverse backgrounds in several languages including Mandarin Chinese.

About the webinar series ‘Dialogues on education and society’

The GINTL-JoLII webinar series ‘Dialogues on education and society’ engages leading experts in dialogues on Chinese and Finnish education and society with a comparative broader European and global perspective. The dialogues are in various formats, and they are targeted to researchers, policymakers, education practitioners, and administrators.

The webinar series is jointly organised by the Global Innovation Network of Teaching and Learning (GINTL) and the Sino-Finnish Education Research Centre (SFERC) of the Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute (JoLII).

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