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What cycles of learning are being sparked with GINTL funded projects? Check out this first blog post interview feature on a project by the University of Helsinki, Finland and the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

Cover image: Hannah Edjah and Laura Pimiä outside Helsinki’s Cathedral.

As the first round of GINTL funded projects are coming to life, we want to take the chance to introduce some of the collaborations in more detail. The start of this series is an interview with Hille Janhonen-Abruquah (University of Helsinki) and Hannah Edjah (University of Cape Coast) on their project ‘Curriculum Convertibility for Remote Learning in Ghanaian Home Economics Education’.

You can find an overview over more GINTL founded collaborations on GINTL’s website.

‘Curriculum convertibility for remote learning in Ghanaian home economics education’

What is the project’s focus?

We are focusing on home economics education at the upper secondary school level, specifically how well the curriculum be converted to remote and online teacher education training in situations where face-to-face learning is not possible and / or the internet connection is not reliable. We’re trying to look beyond Zoom and ask, “what else can be done to engage teachers and students effectively for home economics education?”

What’s next?

In the fall, we will be attending a global home economics conference in Atlanta, USA. We also hope that the Ghanaian education service will incorporate our suggestions into the curriculum and then we can track implementation. Once the suggestions are accepted and the curriculum is approved, we can plan how to move forward.


  • Hille Janhonen-Abruquah, Professor, University of Helsinki, Finland, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Study track for Home Economics Teacher Education
  • Hannah Edjah, Senior Lecturer, University of Cape Coast, Ghana, Department of Vocational and Technical Education
  • Laura Pimiä, Faculty of Education, University of Helsinki, bachelor student, home economics study track
  • Elizabeth Alpha, post graduate student, research assistant,University of Cape Coast, Ghana, Department of Vocational and Technical Education

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