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GINTL is hosting a symposium on ‘Bridging education research, practice and global education development’ at this year’s FERA conference on education at the Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa on 23.-24.11.2023 Please submit your abstracts for the symposium by 30.9.2023.

GINTL Symposium on: Bridging education research, practice and global education development

Education development can be understood as the development of practice and education systems, policy development, or analysing how education operates at different levels, and how it can fulfill its societal functions.

Finding research-based solutions to local and global education challenges is a catchphrase for organisations working in global education development and even education researchers working in the global education space.

This symposium seeks to engage researchers and practitioners of education development to rethink the role of research in education development in practice.

As researchers and actors of global education development, we ask:

  • What is our motivation for researching the topics we engage in?
  • What defines/determines our research topics?
  • How do we make our research accessible outside academic communities (policy, practice)?
  • What kind of and whose research is valued in practice in global education development?
  • How have we connected research and practice in global education development initiatives?
  • How can we support this connection?

We invite education researchers, alumni, and other global education development actors to explore in this symposium.

The symposium provides an opportunity for participants to reflect and rethink their unique positions and to co-create an understanding of the field and network across organisations. We aim for a discussion including multiple perspectives from various localities and actors to support the co-creation of understanding of the ways in which we can contribute to making connections between educational research and global education development in practice.

Submission of abstracts

  • Researchers are invited to submit abstracts of up to 150 words for the symposium by 30.9.2022 to 
  • Acceptance notification of abstract: 22.10.2023
  • Both in-person and online participation is available.
  • For more information, please reach out to Elizabeth Eta at

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