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Children with disabilities are often overlooked in policymaking, denying them the chance to equality in daily life - whether that be financially, socially, or politically. Inclusive education strives to bridge that gap and to equip the estimated 240 million children with disabilities worldwide with the same access to education that any other child would have. With the help of two experts in the field, the 12th webinar of the GINTL-JoLII webinar series "Dialogues on Education and Society" invites the audience to reconsider education as they know it and to imagine how much more inclusive that education could still be.

Sino-Finnish JoLii Global conference 2022: ‘Future perspectives of teacher development’

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 | Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute (JoLii)

Main topics: Conferences and workshops, JoLII

The Sino-Finnish JoLii Global conference 2022 is planned to be held on 28–29 November 2022. The host university is South-West University in China. Please find the call for abstracts proposal from attached file. The conference will focus on future perspectives of teacher development. The topics include new pedagogic approaches on teacher development in the digital world, teacher development, and learning community.

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